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Lorraine Bushek Studio
Welcome to Lorraine Bushek Studio

My love of all animals and art weave together naturally to give me direction and enjoyment in my work. 

My fascination with animals, the role they play in the world and their relationship with humans began as a very young child.  As a child I had many different pets in my life, not just cats and dogs.  I had a rabbit, a rat, mice, a parakeet, a cockatiel, a pheasant, an alligator, frogs, on and on.  Yes, I really did have an alligator as a pet growing up in Portland (ask me about it).  

Growing up I drew on everything – my books, the walls and doors, the shelf lining paper my mom put in the cupboards and regular old paper.

My plan for college was to go to Oregon State University and study veterinary medicine.  I had a very rude awaking when I enrolled in OSU in 1965…. OSU refused to enroll women in vet school!  So, my second choice was an art major.  It was then that I discovered scientific illustration.  This fit right in with my love of art and animals.  My favorite classes in college were zoology, oil painting and scientific illustration.  

I believe my skills as a scientific illustrator show in the realism of my work.

I gladly accept commissions in sizes 8" x 8" to 24" x 36".

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